Our Artists


(Connection Place) - A place where a group of people with similar interests live together and are able to connect with one another.

If you are an artist and would like to be added to our list please follow the link below and participate.


Gsting Collaborators


Harold L. George

Creative Director / Illustrator / Graphic Designer

Khloe Gadson

Marketing Director

Shamell Gadson

Apparel Designer

Janaina Oliveira

3D Generalist / Web Designer

Chris Brophy

Web Designer

Brand|    Hive      |    Gtoons   |   Dots    |    t   |   Colony


Colleen Sanders

Kenny Yee

Graphic Designers

Christopher Power

Kenny Yee


Jose Gomez

Video Editors

Mania Simon

Fitness Trainers

Christopher Power

Motion Graphers

Mania Simon

Kenny Yee

Interior Designers

Keska Gadson

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